Learn all about Silhouette Designer Edition Plus, Silhouette Studio Mobile, Silhouette Link, Silhouette Cloud- oh my!

Do you know how much Silhouette America loves creating awesome software?  Silhouette’s software is the gem, they really pride themselves on making easy to use, powerful software (and they succeed with flying colors, don’t you think?).  Silhouette has made some changes to their software and they’re introducing ways to take your software anywhere by making it mobile!  I’m so excited to share with you the changes that are coming soon.

 Silhouette Design Studio PLUS

 Silhouette Studio Designer Edition is getting a update!  The Designer Edition Plus has new features specifically for sewing and fabric users.  Designer Edition Plus includes advanced rhinestone functions (such as various size and shapes, new rhinestone pattern fill types, and on screen rhinestone rendering).  With DE+ you’ll be able to import various sewing file types and have the software auto-isolate.  It will display underlying cut lines so that it will be easier to cut out projects for sewing applications.  Once Designer Edition Plus brings in your file, there is not need to convert the file, to resize, or to recalculate.  In other words, the DE+ will add in your seam allowance automatically!


The Designer Edition Plus is available in two ways:


If you have the standard software and want to update all the way up to the Designer Edition Plus, you can buy the full Designer Edition Plus Software.


If you already have Silhouette’s Designer Edition software, and just want to upgrade to Designer Edition Plus, you can purchase just the Designer Edition Plus upgrade!


I love that you can choose to go from standard software to Designer Edition Plus or from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus!  Options are great!


The software is now available for purchase- upgrade your software today!


Silhouette Studio Mobile

Silhouette Studio Mobile gives you some serious artistic freedom!  Create whenever and wherever inspiration strikes.  Design on the go!  This is great for busy schedules.  Design while getting coffee at your favorite coffee house, while commuting on the train, waiting at the doctors office, on your lunch break and more.  If inspiration strikes, start your designs right from your smart phone!


The Silhouette Studio Mobile is coming November 2015 and will be available in the Apple App Store, Google Play, Amazon Kindle and Windows Store!  That means Apple and Android are both covered!


Silhouette Link

Silhouette Link is a new and exciting feature to Silhouette Studio.  Send a cut job from any device directly to your Silhouette machine, remotely!

One free software update allows you to communicate with any Silhouette cutting machine.  When used with Silhouette Studio Mobile, Silhouette Link is compatible with all types of tablets, phones and other devices.

What does this mean?  It means designing an image on your tablet and sending it to your computer that your Silhouette is plugged into.  No more having to work only on your desktop.  Design wherever you feel comfortable, inspired or when you have the time, then send your image to the computer connected to your machine.  I cannot wait for this feature!

Silhouette Cloud


With the Silhouette Cloud, all your Design Store library images will be synced so that they are accessible on other devices.  Why should you get excited about syncing all your images??  Because, when used with Silhouette Mobile, your library is totally portable!  You can finally take your projects with you- and design on the go.
With the Silhouette Cloud, you can sync up to 5 devices.  This includes computers, laptops, tablets and smart phones!


With the Silhouette Cloud, you have unlimited storage for Silhouette Design Store downloads.  You’ll have 1 GB for custom content and, if you’re a silhouette Design Store Subscriber, you’ll get up to 5 GB!
Syncing images is super easy, just drag your designs into the Silhouette Cloud icon in your library and your images will become available across all of your devices!


The Silhouette Cloud is coming in November of 2015.  And it’s free!  I can’t wait to download and start designing with a tablet instead of having to use my computer all the time.  How about you?
Check out all the new Silhouette America products 2015!  Learn all about the Silhouette Curio and Silhouette Mint and make sure you check back soon to learn more about the new releases!  All these new goodies are coming in Fall of 2015!


What are your thoughts about all this new software?

Will you use your Silhouette wirelessly too??

4 Replies to “Learn all about Silhouette Designer Edition Plus, Silhouette Studio Mobile, Silhouette Link, Silhouette Cloud- oh my!”

  1. hello, if i want to make my own rhinestone templates and i want to be able to control the sizes will the basic designer edition work (the 50$ one) or do i need to buy the more expensive one. I need to make rhinestone templates that are really small like 1 square inch.
    can this be done in the basic software update and if i buy the basic can i add the more expensive one at a later time, like upgrade?

    Jenn says:
    1. Hi Jenn,
      If you are looking to really get into rhinestones, I would recommend getting the Designer Edition Plus upgrade. The Designer Edition does give you some additional rhinestone features, but Designer Edition Plus unlocks even more options such as on screen rendering and click to rhinestones. The basic software that is free to download does not really have many features for rhinestones. If you wanted to take it slower, you can go from Basic to Designer Edition and then from Designer Edition to Designer Edition Plus if you find you want more control over your rhinestone designs. If you think you’ll go for the Designer Edition Plus, you can go straight from Basic to Designer Edition Plus as well!

      Hope this helps!

      Kala says:
  2. Silhouette going wireless is extremely important. Wireless ports on computers are made of plastic and break with constantly taking the usb plugs out to move it to my computer to the Cameo. My computer is NOT next to my Cameo because of space issues and also it is used to digitize for two embroidery machines. PLEASE, do this soon! I use USB hubs, but still have to disconnect computer to move it. Thank you……

    Sylvia Thomas says:
  3. I actually do not agree that the Silhouette software is “easy to use.” I recently upgraded from the Basic and I still find it annoying and needlessly tedious due to it’s many nested control windows, multiple scroll bars on teeny menu windows so small you can only see a few options at a time.

    Anyway, I would like to try the mobile app. I don’t see it in the Android store though. It’s late August 2015, so any word on a new or more specific date? I am searching for ‘Silhouette Studio Mobile’ with no luck.

    Margeaux Bucher says:

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