Valentine’s Day Crafting/Project Life

I don’t know about you, but I love to make gifts for people. I think one of the best holidays to do this is Valentine’s Day.  You just can’t get any more personal than a handmade gift, and the extra time that you take to create it also shows how much you care for the recipient.HeaderIf you’re always seeming to run short on gift making time like I tend to, here is a project that will pull all sorts of memories together, organize them, and make them look pretty (quickly!). Sounds great right??

I am talking about making a scrapbook for someone. Wait now don’t stop reading quite yet. You are probably thinking how is making a  scrapbook project going to be quick?  YES, as a matter of fact, it can be. There is this magical scrapbook called Project Life. This scrapbook is perfect for someone who wants to have a beautiful scrapbook, but can’t put hours into doing it. In fact, that is just what the creator, Becky Higgins, wanted for her customers. Here is what she had to say.

 “…the art of putting creative and elaborate scrapbooks together was a very difficult, overwhelming, and somewhat impossible task for a lot of people. She had a deep desire to simplify the process of scrapbooking for herself and for others. This is what brought her to the point of developing a system that made scrapbooking easier, faster, simpler.”

These scrapbooks kits come in separate pieces. First, you choose a Project Life Album, I really like the black a white striped album. Next you select a Core Kit full of artfully-designed cards. There are lots of choices for these kits from elegant black/white/gold to fun and flirty stipes and polka dots. Lastly you choose a Photo Pocket Page. These are created in different layouts so you really can make tons of different design layouts. The only other things you need are your photos and you’re done!

binder Project Lifeheidi-swapp-landscape-panoramic-photo-pocket-pages-12x12-12-pkg-project-lifeKits

I also want to let you know that the website for this scrapbook is amazing! It is clean and well organized, as well as beautiful and inspiring. For example, if you want to see how a certain kit of cards looks, all you have to do is click on that particular set and she has a fully designed Project Life scrapbook all put together for your viewing pleasure… Enjoy, they are gorgeous.

Finally, one other thing that Becky provides is an app for $1.99. It is also called Project Life, and I have downloaded and used it. It is an easy way to put together the pages of your scrapbook before you buy, or to be able to see the way a page will look with different elements added in. The app itself if very easy to use. The only thing that took me a minute to figure out is that after you choose your layout, in order to add pictures or cards from the kit in, you have to click on the square in the layout. It will then zoom in and graphics will appear in the upper right corner and those give you the option to upload an image, choose a card from the kit or add text.  (see image below)


project-life(3)Here is a page I put together on my phone, and emailed myself in about 5 minutes!

Now you have all the information and inspiration to get going on your handmade Valentine’s Day gift for your special someone. This gift could be tailored for anyone too, your husband, your daughter, your best friend…you name it!

 Have you used these scrapbooking templates?? I would love to see yours!  Share your projects for your special someone!







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