Go Your Own Way

Gather up your supplies from our last post to create your own handmade stamps, stencils and masks from our last post and use them to make this fun fish painting.


completed paint project



Canvas or canvas board (I’m using 12 x 24 in canvas board)
Stencil sponge or triangular make-up sponges
Deli or tissue paper
Gel medium or decoupage glue
Word stencil (“go your own way”)
Chunky foam fish stamps
Lino block fish stamp
Fish masks
Acrylic paint (blue-green, grey, yellow-green, red-violet, orange, black)
Fish collage images

Step 1

Apply a heavy coat of gesso to your canvas board.  Stamp into the gesso using the chunky fish stamps.  When the gesso is dry, use the same chunky stamps along with thin gray paint to stamp additional fish images.

stamp with chunky stamps

paint with chunky stamps


Step 2

Lay fish masks on your canvas and paint around the masks using blue-green paint.

paint around masks

paint and masks


Step 3

Stencil fish using red-violet, yellow-green and orange paint.

paint with fish stencils

paint with fish stencils


Step 4

Using lino block, stamp with dark purple paint onto deli or tissue paper.

print on deli paper


Step 5

Cut out stamped images and glue to canvas board with gel medium or decoupage glue.

apply stamped images to painting


Step 6

Cut out one fish collage image and glue to canvas using gel medium.  Stencil words using dark blue-green paint.

add fish collage


Step 7

Shade around some of the fish images using black paint.  Paint the edges of the canvas board black.

project image


Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann

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