Recycled Calendar Junk Journal

For the last few years when I’ve bought my calendar for the new year, I’ve been unable to part with the old one!  It seemed a shame to throw away such wonderful artwork.  So I’ve been tucking those beauties away for some time, waiting for the right project like this junk journal.  I’m using an old calendar, but the project would work equally well with any other beautiful papers that you have on hand.

junk journal


Old calendar or other recycled papers
Chipboard, 8×10 inch (2)
Adhesive of choice
3 metal opening O rings (about 1 inch)
Hole punch

These directions use chipboard covers, but you can create covers from whatever materials you have on hand. Recycle the covers from an old book, use chipboard from a cereal box, or re-purpose corrugated cardboard packaging.  You can adapt the size of your pages to match your covers and your calendar as needed.


Cut two 7×9 inch sheets from the calendar for the front and back cover of the journal. Tape or glue the sheets to the chipboard covers.

journal covers


Cut additional 7×9 inch sheets from the calendar for the interior pages, adding bumped-out sections for tabs or pockets if you’d like.

Fold the calendar pages on the dotted lines and tape or glue in place to create the tabs or pockets.

tabbed and pocket pages


Cut 7×9 inch pieces of watercolor or cardstock paper and adhere to the back of the interior pages.

interior pages


Punch three holes along one side of each of the covers and interior pages.  A hole punch guide created from a scrap of watercolor paper makes it easy to align all the holes properly.

punch guide


Bind the book using 3 metal opening O-rings.

add O rings


Attach any additional embellishments as desired.

trim embellishment


completed junk journal


Thanks for stopping by! Lee Ann

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