Succulent Sketch

Learn to Draw with a Photo Reference. Learning to draw can seem a daunting task for new artists.  One of the main challenges, though, is less about learning to use a pencil in a new way and more about learning to use your eyes in a new way.  The contour or outline of an object is one of the key aspects that allow others to identify it.  Learning to see those lines is an important skill for drawing recognizable subjects.  

Brusho Cards

This project combines the 6-piece assorted Brusho Crystal Colour set with a simple watercolor resist technique to create these colorful abstract artworks.  Brusho is highly pigmented watercolor ink powder.  The set includes 6 jars of color (sunburst lemon, orange, alizarin crimson, violet, turquoise, and sea green) and 1 empty spritzer bottle.  Mount your finished work on a sheet of folded cardstock for a unique greeting card.