Hand-Colored Holiday Cards

Cricut Pen Project. Use your Cricut to jump start hand-colored cards for all the special people in your life.  Upload a vintage black and white image to Cricut Design Space and let the machine do the drawing for you!  Finish the illustration using your favorite markers or colored pencils for a colorful front to handmade holiday cards.

Brusho Cards

This project combines the 6-piece assorted Brusho Crystal Colour set with a simple watercolor resist technique to create these colorful abstract artworks.  Brusho is highly pigmented watercolor ink powder.  The set includes 6 jars of color (sunburst lemon, orange, alizarin crimson, violet, turquoise, and sea green) and 1 empty spritzer bottle.  Mount your finished work on a sheet of folded cardstock for a unique greeting card.  

8 Father’s Day Project Ideas to DIY

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and I know that there is not a person I appreciate more than my husband!  He is giving and hard- working and a fantastic father to our kiddos!  I am sure you can relate, and therefore are searching high and low to find the perfect gift to give your guy. Now there are many different types of guys out there, and I would like to make sure to cover all the bases when it comes to interests here.  I also know that you may have different areas of strength when it comes to crafting, … Read More8 Father’s Day Project Ideas to DIY