8 Father’s Day Project Ideas to DIY

Father’s Day is coming up fast, and I know that there is not a person I appreciate more than my husband!  He is giving and hard- working and a fantastic father to our kiddos!  I am sure you can relate, and therefore are searching high and low to find the perfect gift to give your guy. Now there are many different types of guys out there, and I would like to make sure to cover all the bases when it comes to interests here.  I also know that you may have different areas of strength when it comes to crafting, … Read More8 Father’s Day Project Ideas to DIY

Silhouette 102: How to Make Print & Cut Files, From Scratch!

Have you tried using the Print and Cut feature with your Silhouette machine yet?  If not, what are you waiting for??  This is SUCH a cool feature that you’ll wonder why you waited so long to give it a try. There are two ways to use the Print and Cut function with your Silhouette machine. You can purchase pre-made designs that are ready to Print and Cut You can make your own images from scratch This post will cover how to work with files that you make from scratch (and I promise, it’s super easy!)