Design a Plaque with your Cricut Machine

Materials Needed Wooden Plaque (any shape or size) 2 shades of same color ( light purple, dark purple) Contrasting shade of Paint for Cover Color (Black) Cricut Maching Vinyl Weeding Tools Transfer Tape or Paper Paint Brushes Optional Fine Grit Sand Paper Steal Wool Card Stock in Coordinating Colors Ultra … Read MoreDesign a Plaque with your Cricut Machine

DIY Father’s Day Card

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try out card making with my Cricut for the first time…ever! It’s kind of sad to think that I’ve owned a Cricut for three years now and I’ve never made a card.  Oh well, … Read MoreDIY Father’s Day Card

Cricut Fabric and Pallet Project Inspiration for Your Christmas Wall Decor

Joy Bird: Mini Tutorial. Use your die cutting machine to whip up this easy Christmas wall décor in a single evening.  The project relies on a small scrap of fabric and other materials that you likely have around the house.  Add a wooden pallet, and you’re all set.

How (not) to Make Custom Coffee Cups (My Utter Failure)

I love snarky coffee cups, don’t you?  And if that funny cup is a little sparkly? Yes, please!  Personalizing a coffee cup is an easy gift idea, and is actually pretty easy. Let’s talk about how (not) to add a saying to a coffee cup (and then how to)…. so … Read MoreHow (not) to Make Custom Coffee Cups (My Utter Failure)

Design #10: Reindeer! Cookies for Santa Plate Project

Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve is a favorite holiday tradition in our house.  I think our favorite cookies to make for Santa include classic sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with a peanut butter cup in them! Yum! And cookies taste so much better when you have them … Read MoreDesign #10: Reindeer! Cookies for Santa Plate Project

Design #7: Pink Flamingo! Memorial Serving Tray

I love pink flamingos! Don’t you? When I was a kid, I remember stopping to see the pink flamingos every time we went to the zoo with my Grandma. There’s something about giant pink birds on stilt-like legs that you just have to love. And plastic yard pink flamingos? No … Read MoreDesign #7: Pink Flamingo! Memorial Serving Tray