How (not) to Make Custom Coffee Cups (My Utter Failure)

I love snarky coffee cups, don’t you?  And if that funny cup is a little sparkly? Yes, please!  Personalizing a coffee cup is an easy gift idea, and is actually pretty easy. Let’s talk about how (not) to add a saying to a coffee cup (and then how to)…. so grab a mug of the good stuff and read on…

Design #10: Reindeer! Cookies for Santa Plate Project

Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve is a favorite holiday tradition in our house.  I think our favorite cookies to make for Santa include classic sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with a peanut butter cup in them! Yum! And cookies taste so much better when you have them on a cute plate… don’t you think? I really think this is a fun file and you can use it for a variety of different holiday projects.  It looks like Rudolph got into a little bit of a tangle in the lights!