Design #10: Reindeer! Cookies for Santa Plate Project

Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve is a favorite holiday tradition in our house.  I think our favorite cookies to make for Santa include classic sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with a peanut butter cup in them! Yum! And cookies taste so much better when you have them on a cute plate… don’t you think? I really think this is a fun file and you can use it for a variety of different holiday projects.  It looks like Rudolph got into a little bit of a tangle in the lights!

9 Steps to a Simple Knapsack Tote Bag

I’m always looking for more storage around my house, probably because I have too much junk laying around, but that’s besides the point. I saw a cute little knapsack tote bag on Pinterest and thought that it would be an easy and functional storage bag.

Brother ScanNCut2-Quilt, Scan, Cut, Craft!!

Quilting is a long and delicate process that may take a lot of time. There is a way to reduce your time spent on the cutting phase, so you still have to time to get dinner on the table! Are you like me and want every seam and fabric square perfectly and evenly cut, but find yourself not having enough time for accurate measuring, snipping, and sewing? Don’t worry! Transitioning from sewing clothing to quilting can be overwhelming considering the precision and accuracy involved in cutting out your quilt shapes.