Design #11: Kitchen Utensils! Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Have you ever needed to make a quick and inexpensive gift for someone?  Maybe Mother’s Day is coming up quicker than you thought, or you have a last minute bridal shower to attend? Split images with writing in them (like this design) are very trendy right now, and who doesn’t love something personalized?  I decided to make some split utensils to add to a glass kitchen cutting board, click below and let me show you how easy it is to create a personalized gift.

9 Steps to a Simple Knapsack Tote Bag

I’m always looking for more storage around my house, probably because I have too much junk laying around, but that’s besides the point. I saw a cute little knapsack tote bag on Pinterest and thought that it would be an easy and functional storage bag.

Spring’s in Bloom- Monogram Floral Letter

I love Spring, and the first thing that reminds me of spring is flowers blooming. Now I live in Wisconsin, so it take a while before that starts to happen, so my solution is to make the flowers bloom inside the house! Here is a project that I found on Pinterest a while ago and couldn’t wait to make this monogram flower for spring. I love decorating my house for Spring after the long cold, white winter. It really livens up my house and brings a cheerful atmosphere all around.