All About Paint

Exploring Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor Paints Welcome to the first in a series of posts on art supplies. Today’s post is all about paint. We’ll be digging into paint ingredients and discovering how those ingredients affect the working properties of the paint. We’ll compare acrylic, oil, and watercolor paints to help you choose the right paint for your next project. Ready? Let’s get started!

5 Fourth of July DIY Ideas

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. I have less home decor for this holiday that most of the others. Do you decorate for the Fourth? I like to add to my collection of holiday decor every year, so finding new projects to work on is always on my list of to-dos.  Looking around the web for ideas can really inspire me to get some crafty projects underway. There is so much project inspiration out there that it can be overwhelming. Here are five quick projects and the best part is these could be done with kids.

Design #7: Pink Flamingo! Memorial Serving Tray

I love pink flamingos! Don’t you? When I was a kid, I remember stopping to see the pink flamingos every time we went to the zoo with my Grandma. There’s something about giant pink birds on stilt-like legs that you just have to love. And plastic yard pink flamingos? No yard is complete without one! They’re so gaudy that I can’t help but love them too! I used vinyl as a stencil to paint this hand made tray, let me give you some pointers on making your own…

Design #5: Dream Catcher! (One Cut- Two Projects!) Using Vinyl as a Stencil (Project #2)

I love using a design in two ways to help prevent wasting my vinyl.  Using both the positive and the negative of the same design is a great way to use your vinyl and reduce waste.  Here is my second project using the Dream Catcher Design: The first project I did with this design, I used the negative of the design to create a sweet dream catcher canvas for my daughter.  Now I am going to use the positive of the design to create a dream catcher for my son!

Design #5: Dream Catcher! (One Cut- Two Projects!) Applying Vinyl to Canvas (Project #1)

The Ojibwe people were the first to make dream catchers.  They believed that dream catchers could change a person’s dreams, allowing only good dreams to filter through the web like design.  The dream catcher net would hold any bad dreams until the light of day, when they would disappear (see more on Wikipedia).  While dream catchers don’t necessarily look like they did originally, they are still widely used, especially in children’s rooms to help children sleep peacefully. I designed this dream catcher file and made a few paintings for my kids rooms to help ward off bad dreams.  Let’s take a look at the … Read MoreDesign #5: Dream Catcher! (One Cut- Two Projects!) Applying Vinyl to Canvas (Project #1)