Whimsical Characters in Hand Embroidery

Fabric collage tutorial plus free pattern. Well, winter has not quite given up here in northeastern Wisconsin, but I’m thinking of spring nonetheless.  Today I have a sweet, pastel-colored project to help you join me in the mood.  The project includes a free pattern featuring a big-eyed rabbit or a … Read MoreWhimsical Characters in Hand Embroidery

9 Steps to a Simple Knapsack Tote Bag

I’m always looking for more storage around my house, probably because I have too much junk laying around, but that’s besides the point. I saw a cute little knapsack tote bag on Pinterest and thought that it would be an easy and functional storage bag.

Spring’s in Bloom- Monogram Floral Letter

I love Spring, and the first thing that reminds me of spring is flowers blooming. Now I live in Wisconsin, so it take a while before that starts to happen, so my solution is to make the flowers bloom inside the house! Here is a project that I found on … Read MoreSpring’s in Bloom- Monogram Floral Letter

May the 4th Be With You – Product Spotlight: Glow in the Dark Heat Transfer Material

Did you know that today is International Star Wars Day?  May the 4th be with you (get it??). With such a prestigious holiday <wink>, I just had to craft!  What better thing to make than an awesome, glow-in-the-dark sleep shirt inspired by the Empire Strikes Back Logo?

DIY Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl Kids Coloring Book Shirts for Spring, Easter or Birthdays!

In honor of spring, I made my kids some spring themed “coloring book” shirts.  Nothing says spring quite like April showers, goulashes and birds (right?!).   I created the “coloring book” look with Silhouette smooth heat transfer vinyl and gave the kids Graffiti Permanent fabric markers to color them in.  … Read MoreDIY Silhouette Heat Transfer Vinyl Kids Coloring Book Shirts for Spring, Easter or Birthdays!

Recycled Canister Organize-her

What would you really like for Mother’s Day?  Think about that for a minute.  I bet if I had to guess, one thing on the list is something money can’t buy…I bet it’s TIME.  Time to yourself, time to get things cleaned up or organized, time for yourself…etc.  While time … Read MoreRecycled Canister Organize-her