5 Fourth of July DIY Ideas

The Fourth of July is right around the corner. I have less home decor for this holiday that most of the others. Do you decorate for the Fourth? I like to add to my collection of holiday decor every year, so finding new projects to work on is always on my list of to-dos.  Looking around the web for ideas can really inspire me to get some crafty projects underway. There is so much project inspiration out there that it can be overwhelming. Here are five quick projects and the best part is these could be done with kids.

Design #12: Outlet Personalities! Adding Vinyl in Unexpected Places

Have you ever looked at something that, once you see it, you can’t un-see it? The internet is full of these images… the cigar sticking out of the brick wall, a cowboy silhouette that just looks like random lines and so.much.more.  I once saw a picture of an outlet with a mustache on it and ever since I just can’t un-see their little faces. So one of the designs I made was for outlets.  These are sized to fit a standard outlet in the US and I think they are so fun!