12 Exclusive Craft-e-Corner Vinyl Designs for Your Silhouette Cameo

Vinyl is an awesome material, it’s so versatile you can use it on so many different surfaces.  Pair vinyl with an electronic die cutting machine like the Silhouette Cameo, add in a little knowledge, and you can transform or personalize just about anything! I love working with vinyl and I have learned a lot of tips and tricks along the way.  From different application methods and trouble shooting, to inventive ways to use vinyl.  To show you just how versatile vinyl can be, I created 12 exclusive vinyl designs that you’ll only find right here at Craft-e-Corner. I’ve worked in flexibility into each of my … Read More12 Exclusive Craft-e-Corner Vinyl Designs for Your Silhouette Cameo

Design #12: Outlet Personalities! Adding Vinyl in Unexpected Places

Have you ever looked at something that, once you see it, you can’t un-see it? The internet is full of these images… the cigar sticking out of the brick wall, a cowboy silhouette that just looks like random lines and so.much.more.  I once saw a picture of an outlet with a mustache on it and ever since I just can’t un-see their little faces. So one of the designs I made was for outlets.  These are sized to fit a standard outlet in the US and I think they are so fun!

Design #11: Kitchen Utensils! Personalized Glass Cutting Board

Have you ever needed to make a quick and inexpensive gift for someone?  Maybe Mother’s Day is coming up quicker than you thought, or you have a last minute bridal shower to attend? Split images with writing in them (like this design) are very trendy right now, and who doesn’t love something personalized?  I decided to make some split utensils to add to a glass kitchen cutting board, click below and let me show you how easy it is to create a personalized gift.

Design #10: Reindeer! Cookies for Santa Plate Project

Leaving cookies out for Santa on Christmas Eve is a favorite holiday tradition in our house.  I think our favorite cookies to make for Santa include classic sugar cookies and peanut butter cookies with a peanut butter cup in them! Yum! And cookies taste so much better when you have them on a cute plate… don’t you think? I really think this is a fun file and you can use it for a variety of different holiday projects.  It looks like Rudolph got into a little bit of a tangle in the lights!

Design #9: Peacock Feather! Detailed Weeding, Utensil Holder Project

Are you up for a challenge?  I think you can make this project, and I think you’ll love the results as much as I love my new utensil holder: This will be a challenging file if you are new to vinyl, but I designed it to not only because it’s really pretty, but to also give you some practice in weeding and layering.  Once you work through this project, you’ll be able to face just about anything!