How to Align and Size Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) Designs

The second most popular question I see asked about heat transfer vinyl is how to know what size to make your design and where to line it up on the shirt. Preferences in design sizing and where to center your design might vary depending on what you are working on, but there are some general sizing and placement guides you can follow.

Do You NEED a Heat Press? (Determine If You Really Need to Invest)

The question I hear the most often when it comes to heat transfer vinyl is “Do I NEED a heat press?”  The answer depends a lot on the materials you work with, how much you do and if you sell your creations. Check out the flow chart below to see if you need to invest in a heat press.

Hot Tools for Heat Transfer (What You Need to Work With HTV)

Heat transfer vinyl is a great material to work with.  You can make your own custom shirts, bags, shoes, baby onesies, hats and so much more!  If you can iron it, you can add heat transfer to it!  There are a lot of tools you can use to work with heat transfer, some are a must have and others are just “nice to have.”  Let’s take a closer look at some HTV tools…

Fabric + Glitter Heat Transfer: A Silhouette Cameo Tutorial

Have you ever combined two materials and made something you absolutely LOVE?  That’s me and glitter heat transfer vinyl + fabric!  I love the results! For this project you will need a Silhouette Cameo 3 machine, our mandala design, glitter heat transfer material (smooth HTV also works), fabric (100% cotton), iron on fabric stabilizer, a shirt and an iron or heat press.  The process is simple, but the results are WOW!