Nature Close-Ups

Beginner Watercolor Painting Project Tutorial This is an easy watercolor project with no drawing required.  Instead, the project makes use of grey-scale photographs printed on watercolor paper to jump-start your painting.  Turn completed paintings into a collection piece by mounting them together or use them on handmade greeting cards for little functional works of art.    

Abstract Poppy Painting

Beginner Acrylic Painting Project   The secret of getting ahead is getting started.  – Mark Twain   Sometimes the hardest part about painting is just getting started.  Many artists struggle with “blank canvas syndrome,” the feeling of not knowing exactly how to begin or what to paint. This project makes it easy to overcome the blank canvas.  It begins with relaxed random painting. Have fun mixing colors and splattering paint directly on the canvas.  Then you’ll use a negative space painting technique to turn the randomness into a colorful floral image for your wall.