Frog Projects You Can Do


Today is Leap Day!  To celebrate this once every 4 years day, I have gathered a cute collection of frog themed projects for you to give a try!   Click on the links for more details on the projects.

1- These lovely frogs are a calendar page I made with my kiddos:footprint frogs

2- These painted pebble tick-tack-toe frogs (and ladybugs!) from Attagirlsays:

3- These hungry clothespin frogs from Welcome Baby:

frog clothespin

4- This frog from a foam cup by craftsbyamanda:


5- This cute flower pot turned frog by craftideas:

frog pot

6- This awesome paper mache frog from ultimatepapermache:

paper mache frog

7-This clay frog from melaniescrafts:

clay frog

8- These tasty looking Oreo and pretzel chocolate frogs from bakingandboys:

Oreo Pretzel Frogs_thumb[1]

9- This bowling ball turned frog from empressofdirt:



Hope you enjoy your Leap Day!

Will you be crafting frogs today?

Silhouette cameo tutorial





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